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Best Available Technology

Halomed halogenerators are the only ones on the market equipped with an integrated sensoring system, which strictly controls the level of dry salt aerosol concentration in salt rooms.


The Salt Sanctuary of Maryland

“I researched providers of halogenerator equipment and discovered that Halomed had the best reputation among salt room operators for reliability of the machine and responsive customer service.

St. Louis Salt Room

“I had tried to acquire Halomed equipment when we first opened, but at that time it was not readily available in the USA. I used another company and had numerous problems concerning training and service.

Salt of the Earth Massage and Wellness Studio

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Halomed for the superior customer support that I received while constructing my salt room.



Halomed Halogenerators

The benefits of halotherapy have been widely researched and reported in a range of professional medical and general literature over the past few decades.

How to make a salt room

The benefits of halotherapy have been widely researched and reported in a range of professional medical and general literature over the past few decades.

What is a Halotherapy

Salt rooms are becoming very popular at spa, wellness centers and in homes across the world. Halotherapy offers a natural approach to health for a range of people, and the demand for salt spa services are quickly growing.

Halotherapy for business

Adding halotherapy services is cost-effective, and there are a range of salt-room designs meet your unique business model.

Best Available Technology

All Halomed halogenerators are equipped with integrated sensoring system. With Halomed sensoring equipment, the level of micronized salt dispersed into salt rooms is strictly controlled. The sensor continuously measures the level of salt aerosol in the air and prompts the halogenerator to produce or reduce production of dry salt aerosol, giving you the assurance that your salt room maintains the preset level you have selected at the beginning of the salt therapy session. 

Only permanent monitoring of dry salt aerosol concentration in salt rooms - made possible by feedback coupling of the halogenerator and sensor - provides the consistent, required aerosol concentration and reliable effects of salt room sessions.

In all our halogenerators:

  • At least 80% of dry salt particles measure between 1 and 5 micrometers, due to the quality and advance design of our device;
  • The constant speed of Halomed’s salt grinder, housed in the halogenerator, results in the consistent distribution of optimally sized salt particles in the salt room. The size of salt particles and their even distribution in the salt room is essential to delivering dependable results to salt room visitors.

When you purchase a halogenerator from Halomed North America, you are getting the best available technology, a result of the company’s decades of scientific and product research.

Outstanding Customer Support

Halomed is driven by the mission of developing and producing halotherapy devices that provide natural, quality-of-life benefits for a wide range of people. When you buy Halomed equipment, you become a valued partner in improving people’s lives. We will be there to support you all the way, whether you are planning on opening a salt spa or already have a spa and wish to add salt therapy to your menu of services. We also have a small model, appropriate for  home use.

Maximum Results

You can count on Halomed’s halogenerators to faithfully replicate the beneficial atmosphere found in natural environments, such as Eastern Europe’s salt caves. With our consulting services, you will be able to own and operate a facility that maximizes dry salt aerosol’s natural beneficial properties.


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Since 1991 the Aeromed-Halomed Group has been producing dry salt aerosol generators, or halogenerators, and providing related services - consultation, installation, salt room design and construction. Aeromed-Halomed has over 4,000 satisfied customers throughout the world.

Halomed North America, Inc., based in the Washington, D.C. area, is a member of the Aeromed-Halomed Group, which has research, development, manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Lithuania, Russia, Italy and Hungary (IRHH and Halomed Saltroom Trading kft). Halomed equipment for North American market is manufactured in Lithuania.

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